Lancer Volleyball Signing - Janaya Sims

Janaya Sims

The 2019 Lancers volleyball team announced another talented commit this week.

Janaya Sims is a 5'8" middle blocker from Altitude VBC and Pine Creek High School in Colorado Springs.

"Janaya was another girl we were after for a long time, and we're so proud to say she's going to be in black and gold next season," EWC head coach Dante Geoffrey said. "She's a middle after my own heart. When I started coaching I trained middles, and she is an absolutely perfect fit with how we're going to run our middle system at Eastern Wyoming."

Coach Geoffrey has a history of success with "undersized" middles at his previous two schools. A 5'9" middle from Northwest College and a 5'6" middle Lamar Community College each transferred to NCAA Division II programs following their sophomore years. Janaya comes from that same mold, but as a player with an even higher ceiling due to her elite athleticism.

"Janaya is a 'just wait' player," Coach Geoffrey said. "When people see her and wonder how she holds her own in the middle you say 'just wait.' Wait until she takes her first swing in warm ups. Or makes her first blocking move to the pin. She'll answer your questions soon enough."

A family atmosphere and strong 2019 recruiting class attracted Janaya to Eastern Wyoming.

"It felt like home away from home," Sims said of EWC. "They show the most enthusiasm for their incoming class and to me it seems like they really want you to have the most success as possible in your college career."

Janaya plans to enter EWC's physical education, health & recreation program.

Please welcome Janaya to the Lancer family!