Lancer Volleyball Signing - Amber Rickert

Lancer Volleyball Signing - Amber Rickert

We are proud to announce the commitment of our newest Lancer, Amber Rickert!

Rickert is a 5'8" hitter from Dike, Iowa, where she graduated from Dike-New Hartford High School.

"To be honest, I'm surprised yet ecstatic that Amber ended up with our program," EWC head coach Dante Geoffrey said. "When we first contacted her it didn't seem like it could possibly work out -- first on her end, and then on ours. Even though we wanted to join forces, we both actually had to reject the other at different points. But I think with some time and a reexamining of priorities, Amber felt sure this was the place for her. We know her volleyball ability will help us win and her character and drive will elevate our program in the locker room.

"On the court Amber is an explosive athlete who can get on and off the net in a flash and put a ball down with her swing. In the classroom she's a high-achiever and will fit in very well with our team culture."

Rickert plans to study Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Management, just one reason she found Wyoming to be a true fit for her first college years.

"EWC is a great fit for me because I get to study wildlife and fisheries management while playing volleyball in Wyoming, where I've always dreamed of going," Rickert said.

Please welcome Amber to Lancer Volleyball!

Amber Rickert